42 km of incredible attractions for all tastes.

The Camaçari Coast is an invitation to a unique experience: beaches, rivers, dunes, mangroves, and small villages with incredible scenery. Located only 9 km from Salvador’s International Airport, each beach holds unforgettable attractions. And in the summer it beats even stronger, with the cultural programming with the Sunset Fair on all the beaches. Tranquility, adventure, simplicity, or sophistication, whatever your style is, the Camaçari Coast has a perfect beach for you.



Where it all began. In the village, there is the Church of the Divine Holy Spirit, founded by the Jesuits in the 16th century and rebuilt in the 17th century, considered Historical Patrimony of the city.
Visiting Cordoaria Quilombola or shopping at the outlet is one of the attractions of this place.


Busca Vida

On the beach of rare beauty, the sea of strong waves attracts surfers from all over the world. The birds make this place a paradise of observation.


Another gem of the Camaçari Coast. Jauá has quiet beaches, natural pools, a barrier reef, and white sand dunes for sandboarding.


The most famous Hippie Village in Brazil, also known internationally, which has been visited by important personalities such as Janis Joplin, has been preserved to this day.
Here, you will also find the Tamar Project, dedicated to the preservation of endangered sea turtles.



The meeting of the river and the sea makes Jacuípe a unique beach. Perfect to connect even more with nature, enjoy a stand up paddle, jet-ski, or take a boat ride on a stretch of river where it is possible to find several species of Brazilian fauna.


One of the most popular beaches in the region, Guarajuba is perfect for those who enjoy adventuring in nautical sports, ocean fishing, or relaxing in the transparent waters of the natural pools, with several options of inns and high luxury resorts. A true paradise, recognized with the world’s largest sustainable tourism certification, the Blue Flag seal.


The ideal place to get to know beautiful beaches with a lot of comfort. The old fishing village today has all the structure you need to enjoy your vacations at the coast: charming inns, hotels, and delicious restaurants. Like Guarajuba, it is one of the 20 Brazilian beaches with the Blue Flag seal, which attests to the quality of the water, safety, and services at the destination.

Diversity, beauty, simplicity, history, nature, handicrafts, gastronomy.
Only 42 km is enough to fit everything that the Camaçari Coast has to offer.